0135 [sero] dromi
cancirou bastion
The serodromi's skin is made of a strong latex layered around a supersaturated fluid. Upon breaking through the skin, the fluid quickly crystalizes, releasing intense heat and breaking into flakey pieces. This destroys the skin and the stranger in the process. Its internal fibers contain long, complex protein chains, similar to immense ribosomes, surrounded by a slurry of glucose, amino acids, and fatty oils (which cool into a solid wax at room temperature). These oils hold the replicated blood inside soapy bubbles. 
above: detail of DNA machine.
The serodromi offers exciting potential medical uses in its ability to perfectly replicate a patient's blood. The serodromi releases and reabsorbs small DNA "machines'' similar to viruses, which cut tiny samples of flesh from nearby sensitives. Inside the serodromi, the mega-ribosomes quickly replicate the collected sample to generate blood cells cloned from the subject. The strain appears to do nothing with said blood cells, besides hoard them in apparent ecstasy.
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