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As far as its fans are concerned, this obscene and confusing display of drugged-out, sex-fueled debauchery might just be the website of the century! In fact, it seems like these days, even Orson Welles is getting in touch with his "sensitive" side!
"I hate to admit it, but Goodbye Strangers is as fine a thing as I've ever read. And by God, are you going to love the ending!" -Orson Welles
But, what about you behind the screen? Are you cool enough to forget about the maze, and join the crowds and critics who proudly exclaim, "Goodbye Strangers is for sickos and perverts only!" Or, do you really believe a piece of fiction can change the way that you think about reality itself?
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and, you can get... the es.
wait. did you say, "i need to read comics now?"
I heard it!
you can read comics about strangers.
these are real comics. there's drawings...
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