196 [yare] ly
"risky squeeze"
alright sooooo this one's kind of weird and you have to be a little careful with it. it can be VERY good though :) for getting psycholy :) :) !!!!!!! doesn't stain anything and doesn't seem to have any adverse skin reaction on any sensitive types :)
okay! there's an outside flesh layer around the insides which are MESSY but they reform really quickly soo it's kinda whatever (btw the air gets a really "cold" smell when this happens so I think there's some kind of aerosol reaction???) if you press its skin, a purple stain shows up around the head and works its way down. the more this happens, the more the insides feel like muscles & start to twitch and pulse!!!!!! and make it act alive!
and!!! THIS is the good part!!!! because you can get a TON of psycholy when this happens - anywhere from 10-30 doses!!!! the psycholy shows up in a crystal form between the muscle strands when they part and group back together; you p much always suck up a lot of the other chemicals in the hose intake too BUT you can centrefuge that part off later!!
they only last for around 6 months BUT that's okay :)
I hope these notes help you with your research!!!!!!!
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