0007 [noro] drole
nove nu-vonde
The norodrole has been impossible to physically study due to its fragility around human contact and its apparent incorporeal, holographic nature. The true nature of its body is a mystery as this time. It could be like the holodrue and composed of real-world matter acting in a contranatural way. It may be composed of some new exotic particle, or may perhaps be dark matter made visible by the abnormal physics of the sociospace. This further implies the fruitfulness of investigating strangers on a strategic, scientific basis.
above: ???
While the stranger phenomenon can easily be considered an unfortunate curse, it may be a gift in disguise, allowing us a glimpse into the farthest unknowns of reality. Strangers are apparently capable of defying all our known theories of how physical processes work, and thus we believe present a unique opportunity for scientific advancement unlike anything humans have encountered before. We aim to have N1RVANA® act as the forerunner in this exciting new field of research, extracting the hope of humanity from the terrifying and mind-bending truths of the stranger phenomenon.
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