locations within North Mural
The area by the bay, and it's not super nice.
Beachfront Abandon
A beach with too much barbed wire underwater to swim. Night or day, sometimes crimes happen here.
linnormi, valery
An exclusive gated community within Harborside. Poor people are only allowed inside to clean.
Entero Prison
A prison with tall walls painted a dreary shade of near-slate.
Gastreau Police Station
A police station with a statue of a dog outside. There aren't any good bars nearby.
Glutton Shutter
An old rail line that cuts down through a part of the city in disrepair. It's a channel frequented by numerous shifters and stranger traffickers.
haledroni, zanavanzi
The Hanging Gardens
A large nightclub with ties to human and animal trafficking, and Virgo's place of employment.
The Slaughtahouse
Meaty Mouse's house. She designed all of the cages herself.
South End (neighborhood)
A several block neighborhood with a sandwich shop that is easily the worst within Harborside, but not the entire city. The subway station has a dingy skylight, but no sandwiches.
boguldrome (subway station)
Zandey's Lane
A strip of empty shops a block from the pier.
The so-so, average boring part of town. It's kind of rundown.
Valeks Tomasi, Christine Verity
The Flats
A low-income neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. There are a lot of trailer parks.
Mollywood Cemetery
A place for human bodies and accessories. Most of the interesting statues have already been moved into more expensive cemetaries, but you can still walk around and see dead people's names.
gangridrene, luminderixy
Morse Road
It's a great place to park your car, if you don't mind a bit of a walk.
A no-kill shelter with many great pets in need of a loving home. Some of them are cats.
South Arbuckle Blvd.
There's a used book store next to an Italian restaurant. The bookstore is never open.
Stripfront Abandon
An abandoned strip mall. There used to be a lot of places that sold phone cards.
Montage Park
The suburbs of North Mural.
Genie-Stroop Road
A nice residential street near a library.
Argona Cox
Nokoriac Transmissions Tower
Birds don't like to land on it.
Quarrisey Reservoir Tank
A place to store water.
North Central
The centermost region of North Mural.
56th Street
A street with almost no greenery.
Akram Zenti Memorial
A fountain located less than a block from Jaundice Press.
Augusta Village Pl.
A street that used to be lined with trees, and now has small saplings in cages.
Chaiden Fossi (Augusta Village Apartments)
Bliss Gardens
A nice park.
Coldlake and Hartford
A busy intersection in an otherwise quiet neighborhood.
TSS Elementary
Jaundice Press
A major publishing company, and the backdrop for a number of key plot events within the narrative.
codo, condroni
Mechanic's shop, and Chuck Rockwell's place of employment.
Mural County Courthouse
Court cases are decided here.
North Mural State University
Or NMSU, One of the top public universities in the state.
Orbison Road
A street with three used furniture shops.
ladroni (subway station)
Principal and Bliss
An accident-prone intersection.
St. Calico Station
A subway station with an entrance located directly in front of Jaundice Press tower.
St. Tetany General Hospital
A large hospital.
gangridrene, madradrone
Surmorset’s Diner
A popular dining location.
The Saltire District
An industrial part of town.
Akram's Folly
It has part of a bridge that no one finished building.
Ditchyard Abandon
There's a ditch with mattresses at the bottom. It's not a lot, but more than a few.
strikkodaze (cramped alleyway)
East Shadebrook St. Industrial Park
The warehouse yard owned by Argona, and used as a site for North Mural Wrestling events.
McWexy's Warehouse
It's a location frequently utilized by sensitives for the sale and exchange of strangers.
Plasmyc Yardout
It's the old Plasmyc Chemicals building. The sky always looks a strange color nearby.
Proto Cyanotank
A chamber deep within the Terrorzone, housing the Blue Hell generator.
The Terrorzone
The otherwise unnamed bomb shelter that Bracey Wray rents from Argona Cox, following his separation from Default.
The YXCA (abandoned)
There are still volleyballs in the storage room, but they're all deflated.
Zamani's Junkyard
It's a really big junkyard. Too dangerous to play inside for fun.
endroni, tanzidroni
A nicer part of the city.
Adrian Zhan, Olivia North
Ash Equity
A bank, and site of a major Blotchman's outbreak.
Faraday Laboratories
A pharmaceutical company, and Olivia's former place of employment (before N1RVANA is launched, that is).
The Lost Luxuria
A bar with dim lighting, and menus that don't have dollar signs.
neoridraize (basement)
PolyNeoteric Solutions Incorporated
A chemicals manufacturing company. They didn't hire Olivia.
Sunbridge Tower Bank
A bank with a free coffee machine, but no lids.
Trial Alley
The brick walls have posters for movies that are no longer in theaters.
A hip, but kind of sketchy part of town.
Bracey Wray, Default, Kazma Bones
Aqua Firma
A nightclub with a large aquarium in the wall of the bar.
Blacktop Abandon
The roads here haven't been paved in several presidencies.
fressidrene (unmarked lot, east)
Chophouse Theater
A movie theater that exclusively shows foreign experimental erotic horror.
Cole's Auto and Transmission Shop
A large vehicle repair shop that no one ever seems to be inside of.
vossdrome, tindromi
A nightclub. No one that works there is friendly.
Eye of Xanadu theater
Xoridromella's theater. If you go into the alleyway, there's always someone looking stressed and smoking a cigarette.
Foster Avenue
The theater district of North Mural. It's mostly vintage clothing stores.
maladrole (alley)
A secluded industrial space that houses a feral cat colony. Most of the cats have some kind of special need, and aren't very friendly.
Rubber Street
A street with an unusual smell.
Secondary Shelter
A secluded basement area.
A bar off of Hazel street.
Zamani's Lookout
A row of rooftops. Many graffiti artists compete for the wall space. You can see it from the train.
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