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...Hey, just how big do you think this community really is? How many of them are "in the loop"? Something always seems to stop them from getting too big... (until things get really out of control, at least!)
did you know?
There's lots of well-known sensitives out there. You might be familiar with the immortal menace (and our favorite sensitive!), Orson Welles - but did you know the late Satoshi Kon, Emanuel Bronner, and Philip K. Dick can also be added to the roster of famous non-standards?
Too bad the author of this site will never make that list!
(Shhh, keep it down... what if he hears you?)
Wow, it looks like it's more common than you think, but so hard for anyone to meet anyone else...why doesn't anyone want to talk about it?
It's obvious why nobody's talking about this... it's a lot to take in! I mean, have you ever heard of anyone talking about the "strangers"? No one knows about this website!
Sorry, can you repeat all that again? That was the best! No one has any idea about this website? That means, they'll never figure out how to escape the maze
▗▘▛▟▙▙ ▘▛▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▚▖▟▟ ▜▟▖▘ ▘▛▟▗ ▝▟▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▛ ▘▜▜▟ ▛▟▙▙ ▘▛▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▚▖▟▟ ▜▟▖▗▘▛▟▙▙ ▘▛▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▘ ▘▛▟▗ ▝▟▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▛ ▘▜▜▟ ▗▘▛▟▙▙ ▘▛▟▘▛▟▘▛▟▚▖▟▟ ▜▟▖▘ ▘▛▟▗
and are you ready for the big finale?
coming soon... see how it ends, in this dazzling techno-future dream!
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