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Behind the Curtain
05:29 AM

The Trinity nuclear test is conducted as part of the Manhattan Project.

11:02 AM

The nuclear bomb, "Fat Man", is detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

08:16 AM

The nuclear bomb, "Little Boy", is detonated over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

earthman, come home

▘▚▗▗▚▞ ▚▞▘▚▘▚ ▝▙▚▚▗▗▟▜ for the prospective release date for the cancelled film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Richard Nixon is elected 37th president of the United States.


James Killjoy returns from a successful lunar mission. Moon dust still on his soles, he's dragged, kicking and screaming, from the runway. The public-facing pretext of "moon sickness" provides plausible cover for the astronaut's sudden spell, and he is brought into a military hospital under utmost secrecy. A barrage of tests and interrogations result in a confidential agreement; Killjoy is paid off handsomely by the government.


James Killjoy is released from government custody, and retires to his sprawling Kansas ranch.


Using a mail-order book catalog, James Killjoy purchases a copy of the pulp novel, The Fearful Frontier.


James Killjoy loads one of his personal rocket ships with fuel, food, books, and as much of his newfound wealth as he can. His hands are sweaty as he lifts off from the planet's surface for what will be his final voyage into space, taking permanent refuge in the deteriorating but grandiose Tin Utopia. In the decades that follow, the "spaceman who abandoned the earth" becomes a recurring fixture in song lyrics and fluff news chatter.

Look up at that dead-head earthman ...
Saved the moon, came down a junkie ...
Look up at that dead-head spaceman...
Saved the moon, came down a junkie...

The first condroni appears on the top of ▞▟▙▗ Tower, followed in an instant by the ladroni, which ▚▞▗▖ ▟▜▚▞▚▞▚▚ beneath the earth. From there, the infestation spreads outwards one-by-one.


After he acquires the unused sets from Kubrick's abandoned 2001: A Space Odyssey, Orson Welles produces what he believes to be his greatest masterpiece - Space Madness, an experimental, fictionalized account of James Killjoy's descent into insanity and self-imposed exile.


En route to a drug deal, the sensitive, Shylo Jacobs, encounters a group of lindroni in an underpass tunnel.


Atop the ▚▞▗▖ ▟▜▚▞▚▞▚▚ building, Shylo drives what will later be seen as a primitive calliphanx into a condroni's head.


Richard Nixon resigns from the presidency.


The fifty-second strain of strangers appears on the edges of ▖▖▗▗ ▜▜▘▚▚▚ ▚▞▙▚. Their crazed voyage thus completes the Primer set, and sets the stage for the narrative to come.

Module | Primer
Module | Primer

The Twin Towers are destroyed in an act of terrorism. The event leaves a strong impression upon the teenaged Felix.


The Partisans – a leaderless group of thirteen writers and other creatives – finalize their internal manifesto and begin working together towards their goals – to ▟▜▚▟▞▚▞ and awaken the public ▚▞▗▖ to the existence of strangers.


Alex Muto's first Partisan-era novel, The Inaugural Collapse, is published, and receives near-universal acclaim.

behind the curtain

Felix shares the first materials related to the Strangers project online.


An early iteration of the Goodbye Strangers website launches. During its first year, it receives no more than fifteen hits per day.


Following years of obscurity, false starts, and hiatuses, Goodbye Strangers website settles into what will become its final framework as the Primer module is released.


Felix begins working at Talender as a graphic designer.


Carly Sorge, having established her place in the comics world with the autobiographical work Carly Sorge's Art Therapy, joins the Goodbye Strangers project. On Halloween of 2019, the two release Zeroworld, their first module together.


The novel virus, "Blotchman's Plague", is identified simultaneously in several cities.


As the impacts of Blotchman's begin to have major impacts upon the global economy, Felix is let go from his job at Talender.


Felix and Carly begin to develop the characters and storylines of Space Madness.


As the hospitals run out of supplies, the first mattress camps are hastily constructed.


Felix meets Kazma Bones and, unaware of ▟▜▝▙, begins to collaborate on side narratives involving the North Mural cast, and Kazma's fictional "persona". ▟▟▖▖ on the edges of Space Madness, "King Kazma" takes on a life of their own, while within Behind the Curtain's narrative, the collaborative module, Sweeter Smoke, is released.


Orson Welles, kept alive using the same technology that enables Killjoy's extensive lifespan, discovers the Goodbye Strangers website. Now, the memories of his earlier senstive experience flood back to him. Naturally, he becomes ▗▖▟▟▚▞▘▚ ▚▞▙▚ by the website, and from that point on, devotes the majority of his waking time ▙▗▘▚▗▗▚▚ ▝▝▚▞▚▞▗▗▚▚


The crowds outside the housing blocks are desperate for a martyr. Alex Muto is dragged into the streets and publicly assassinated. His dying words (hoarse and blood-shrilled) fall on the gristle-hungry mob's dead ears.

Oh, no . We'll do whatever we want to you .
You can't do this to me! This isn't real, none of this is real!

The levees break, and the Primary, in all its pageantry, is swept up in the flood and is lost beneath its red.


James Killjoy watches from up high in his Tin Utopia, left hand still holding (what is now) the only remaining copy of The Fearful Frontier.

to be continued, in...