You stand in front of a poster for Zeroworld.
It's a video game, isn't it...and it hasn't been out too long. Or at least, it feels "new" to you.
The edges of the poster are already worn, though.
You know you need to get back home; and if you don't want to have to cut through hologram alley you'd better make tracks during this closing span that the "sun" dims through.
But you keep on looking at the poster. Strangers: Zeroworld.
This game was supposed to have been made by some ex-developers in their apartment, right? "Sadware"...with their made up strains, paranoid rambling and some crud writer (trying to) ride that moral high horse. All the same, the picture draws you in and you can't stop staring at that big coverion. For you though, even this green-head knifeworm's mostly something puppet-moduled up and weaponized to guard drug know it more through movies than from real life. Did they really used to be wild creatures...?

What do you remember of the game, Zeroworld?