10 in
6 ft, 7 in
0 lbs
size variance
core temp.
17,055 days
no. appearing
1 (99.8%) / 2 (0.2%)
physical appearance

The svurodroni (/ˈsvʊəroʊdroʊni/) is a white, crescent-shaped stranger which lacks all tangible substance, and appears, instead, to be constructed of pure light, its hologram-like body casting a dim, steady glow. It cannot be moved or interacted with, as all matter passes through its body without affecting or distorting its appearance.

The svurodroni's voice is silent.

environment and generation

The svurodroni appears above a small percentage of sensitives who remain in a prone position for more than one week. The likelihood of a svurodroni's appearance becomes incrementally greater the longer an individual remains in this state. It is most common in hospitals and nursing homes, but also appears in the homes of bedridden or otherwise ailing individuals, where it fades into view over a period of hours.

Pairs of svurodroni appear 0.2% of the time, with one positioned above the other. The distance between pairs varies between 1 and 18 inches, and the bottom-most svurodroni often displays more luminosity than the upper-most.

The svurodroni appears over empty beds 4.6% of the time. These individuals flicker in and out of view within an instant, like the brief arc of electricity in a lightbulb's death, and leave behind a faint burning smell after they disappear.


The svurodroni's temperament is patient above all else. It does not move or interact with the world in any way. Despite the svurodroni's lack of action, however, its presence appears to dispel other strangers, and even the most predatory strangers never attack a sensitive accompanied by a svurodroni.

interactions with sensitives

Proximity to the svurodroni induces deep calm and contentment, as well as side-effects resembling those of a strong analgesic, like morphine, at intermittent times. When touched, overlap with the svurodroni's shape causes a "pins and needles" sensation accompanied by a crisp sizzling sound, although no bodily damage occurs.

aging and death

The svurodroni fades out at the end of its life, or once the person beneath it dies. Some svurodroni fade out over the course of several months, while others disappear in the blink of an eye. When a svurodroni dies, all sensitives within a half-mile radius experience a sudden sense of peace, followed by a profound loneliness.