6 ft, 4 in
12 ft, 1 in
852 lbs
size variance
core temp.
( see entry )
1 day-80 years
no. appearing
physical appearance

The madradrone (/ˈmɑdrɪdrəʊn/) is a white, black, and pink stranger, with ten to fourteen thick yet tapered arms on both its back and underside, and a bulky, fatty body. Its skin is soft and slightly greasy to the touch, while its flesh is white and suety. Its body cavity is filled with a light red liquid, which possesses a blood-like smell and consistency and, at a pH of 0.2, is acidic enough to eat through most timber at a rate of 0.3 inches per minute. Although the madradrone's eyelids are usually kept tightly closed, its "eyes" connect directly to the madradrone's body cavity, and thus bleed out excess fluid at random intervals. The madradrone smells strongly of artificially sweet chemicals, an odor which becomes unbearable at close range.

When harmed, the madradrone's body becomes grotesque at the point of injury, with blotches or vein-like markings appearing across the skin. Flesh heals rapidly, albeit with much bubbling of the tissues, and deep gashes seal themselves up within one to eight minutes.

When the madradrone speaks, its voice is breathy, reverberant, and exclusively female. A pulsing, heartbeat-like sound emanates from deep within the bodies of 86% of individuals, and these madradrone tend to have a slightly higher body temperature, as well.

The madradrone possesses no language of its own.

environment and generation

The madradrone appears in or nearby hospitals or other medical facilities, such as medical research laboratories. It generates exclusively within locked-up rooms, with only 0.4 incidences per year worldwide. When it first appears, it starts off transparent, and fades into solid form within several seconds, a transition accompanied by a long, throaty moan.


The madradrone possesses a blissfully destructive disposition. It squirms forward on its many fleshy arms, and makes obscene, self-fondling motions when not in motion. Its topmost arms grab at and pull apart any object within reach, and it uses its fists to pound at walls or other solid objects when there is nothing breakable within range. Although the madradrone's arm movements are fast and hectic, its overall locomotive speed is extremely slow, and it moves at a rate of less than three inches per second. As it appears within enclosed rooms, it tends to stick to the room in which it originates. Roaming tends to be brief, with the madradrone preferring to stay in one area rather than remain on the move.

interactions with sensitives

The madradrone always grabs any sensitive who comes too close, and holds them using the arms on its back. Once the sensitive is firmly in the stranger's grasp, the madradrone uses its small but strong hands to grab and yank off fingers, ears, noses, or any other body part it can grab onto, before it twists off its victim's head or limbs, or pulls out exposed bones or viscera. Despite its aggression, during these attacks, the madradrone displays horror, and turns its head away in fear.

"It grabbed the man, and he was a young man, with dark hair and freckles like a perfect star map on his cheeks and nose. It grabbed him and it did that thing to him and he couldn't even make a sound with a hand down his throat like that. But it it was the creature who said, "please, stop." Then after a particularly violent snap, it gasped again, "stop, please, you're hurting me," its voice so breathy, so soft and so devoid of all attachments. "Don't do this."

And the monster's eyes opened to let its pink pour out, and the room filled up like a milking tank, and the man's dark red blood mixed in with the light vermillion that pooled already so thick upon the floor. It all went down, save for the splashes that fell onto the creature's skin, which it absorbed and sipped away like it was nothing.

After all too long, the stranger dropped him with a start, and all his sounds had long since ceased, for now he was a mass of skin and muscles, an unsolved Rubik's cube of a human being and I would never have known it was him, save for the scrap of face here, the snapped finger there.

And the creature lowered its head into its hands and cried; C-R-I-E-D, cried." Rudieux, Cruel Love, 55

The madradrone attacks for only 10-250 seconds, after which, it drops its victim to the floor and clutches its own body tightly, alternating between sobs, moans, and short bursts of laughter. Due to the madradrone's ferocity, even sensitives who survive a madradrone attack find themselves permanently (and often shockingly) disfigured.

When attacked or harmed in any way, the madradrone only gasps with pleasure.

aging and death

As the madradrone ages, its movements become slower and less coordinated, and once it becomes too weak to pick up objects, it stops moving altogether, and instead spends its time curled up, sobbing into its own hands. When it dies, it dies with a final, satisfied moan, before its blood eats its flesh from the inside out. Its corpse dissolves to nothing, while its blood spills out and evaporates within 24 hours, leaving a corroded patch behind.