release date
Jan 1st, 2016 ( module #1 )
king set
condroni / ladroni
content warnings

Primer, the first module of the 2016 "reboot" era, is both the "introductory guide" to the strangers themselves, and for many, their first foray through the world of the project itself. By scrolling from entry to entry, readers can meet some of the iconic strains as learn details via the various footnotes and insets, and discover new pathways deeper into the project.

did you know...?
Primer exists in three places - in the world of both North Mural and Behind the Curtain, and on the website you're reading right now! It looks more-or-less the same here as it does in Behind the Curtain. The version that the sensitives of North Mural access, however, exists as a crowd-funded resource, hosted by an unknown party.