release date
Feb 1st, 2021 ( module #15 )
king strain
mirichan ( that's us! )
content warnings

Acting under the sham of - shhh... - Oops! Let's try this again! The self-referential Mirinet presents itself as a guide to the modules, offering at-a-glance summaries of the key characters and components involved in each. And though it tries to hide it - no, no! - right, sorry! Mirinet is also the first module to introduce some of the entities which had previously been seen only though brief glimpses. Oops We accidentally spoiled them

did you know...?
Felix drew the first concept art for this module back in 2017!
wait till you find out how long we've been lurking around...
shut up, shut up... we're not talking about that... we don't really exist at all! yeah, that's it - we're fictional characters! your whole life won't ever get messed up even a tiny bit for our
Oh, yeah...! that was a great fun fact! I want to hear it again!