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Nov 11th, 2016 ( module #6 )
king strain
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This fictional homage to Neko Atsume focuses on variants of the matatron, as envisioned by the psychic, Default. In addition to showcasing the more sentimental side of Goodbye Strangers, this module also demonstrates the project's recursive nature, with Default's creative world acting as a microcosmic representation of the project's overall narrative.

did you know...?
The fictional world that Default creates goes through several distinct historical eras – one set just behind and beyond the present day, followed by the futuristic "techno torture zone", which gives way to the grisly "fear of the collapse", until finally, in "the fake world", all existence degrades into a perverted cartoon reality. This progression roughly mirrors the present day, V.H.Z., Dead Cities, and shhh...! – right! It roughly matches the timeline in the overall Goodbye Strangers narrative itself.
Wow, did you read the part about the "perverted cartoon reality"? That sounds really fun it's so, so good that it's totally not something that's going to inevitably happen and rip your life apart
...a lot sooner than you think