the scherzo sets
Selo vul moro veltruouvian en toule mourent, sel tur watcher til end they spanned.
electroshock stranger
The zagrideri likes its quiet. To get some, it might even cause a blackout.

tiny killer stranger
Though it looks like a toy, you wouldn't give it to your friend.

poor boundaries stranger
It doesn't seem to know what it wants. It has some dependency issues.

sentimental stranger
Do you hear the sound of distant bells? A harikrin might close by.

half-and-half stranger
You can pull its top and bottom apart. It tastes so good inside, it's hard to resist.

stand-in stranger
It looks like it's eating its friend. But it's just the other half of its body.

footstep stranger
Something really hurt it. It tries to straighten out its ruined face.

dead-end stranger
It's better to put up with its tantrums than give into it what it wants.

northern hemisphere
protector stranger
It passes the time by wrestling with its friends. If you're feeling strong, you can join in too.

southern hemisphere
guard dog stranger
It keeps watch over buildings, and never lets you go inside. Just what is it hiding...?

morbid stranger
It's never in a very good mood. Your skeleton might feel different after you meet it.

sick day stranger
It's so delicate that even one push makes it splash apart. Wash your hands if you touch it!

quadrant stranger
It divides four sections of a quadrant. I guess it's keeping score.

cat's cradle stranger
It sticks some string around its nose. Where it goes, nobody knows.

cold cryer stranger
It's very warm, and soothing to the touch. It will follow you in the cold, leaving behind a trail.

anechoic stranger
Its head and tail turn flat. When they touch, it changes the closest sounds.

erroneous eye stranger
Watch out! It can't.

piling stranger
A big heap! A really big heap. They're all stuck together!

luck stranger
Pupils or no pupils, it moves around with difficulty. Plucking its legs could be good luck.

gyre stranger
It has been denied its wishes.

misbehaviour stranger
It likes to cause mischief. "Fun! It's so fun!" It rolls around.

simpatico stranger
It finally happened one day. An old woman made friends with a nobitrome.

spanning stranger
While standing on a bridge, a pulse is emitted from his belly. It doesn't seem to do anything...

remote stranger
Isolated metropoles might have a toribori. There is one for every million people.

fake flame stranger
It makes a fire that doesn't burn. You could set your fingers on fire...

testing stranger
When it shows up, it shows up first. Its colors change depending on what strains come next.

パレード stranger
Its somber demeanor makes it out-of-place in a parade. It's all the same, a spectacle.

secret stranger
It only comes out at the darkest night hour, and only for a little while.
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