the sanguine suit
These were the ones who took such joy in our dismay, and they start at the mouth.
simple stranger
Its picking behaviour can be bothersome to those around it. There's not much to do with it.

playtime stranger
It has a lot of fun singing songs and posing in different ways.

pet stranger
Matadroli aren't really pets but the resemblance is hard to ignore.

waterballoon stranger
One merridronel can multiply into hundreds. It seems to come back no matter what.

candle stranger
It is too shy to be your friend, but it says "hello" all the same.

figural stranger
It hates to be touched. It's hard to watch television when the skekidroni is around.

disinfecting stranger
It's able to share its body with its companions. It lives in a hospital.

ghoulish stranger
Corpses go in its mouth but it does not eat them. They do not fight.

inflated stranger
A tsinidrinzi by itself has a hard time getting around. Groups of them visit landmarks together.

strong swimmer stranger
It can survive out of water. You can write letters with its ink.

severed head stranger
The head doesn't seem connected to this stranger. But if you destroy the head, the lume dies, too.

false tears stranger
Don't be fooled by its bloody tears. It is always happy, especially when it throws up.

deep water stranger
The biggest ones will never come up to the surface. Even small ones put water into your blood.
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