the phlegmatic suit
These were the ones who felt little in particular, and they start at the eye.
frigid stranger
Nothing is ever too cold for the coldroni. It gets smaller in the sun.

radio stranger
The kerodroni can climb the tallest buildings. You need a radio to hear its voice.

time stranger
Time stands still around this stranger. But, you will still feel everything that happens.

ragged stranger
It cannot move on its own. Safe to touch as long as you wear gloves.

schooling stranger
They're always in a hurry to go somewhere. You'd never know there were so many around.

appetite stranger
It wishes it could eat dinner all day long. It likes the biggest portion possible.

reflective eye stranger
The black parts are soft, but the rest of its body is so hard that even hammers or knives won't affect it for long.

traveling stranger
Going near this stranger is extremely unhealthy to those who can see it but it can be easily avoided.

lost stranger
It creates millions of images of people over its lifetime. Each one looks like a real person.

debug stranger
This stranger copies itself when it finds a fork in the road. When it encounters a copy, it disappears.

gridwork stranger
It speaks so slowly that it would take a thousand years to recite a single poem.

false eye stranger
Nothing escapes a condroni's notice. Every single one of its eyes is fake.

light stranger
This unusual stranger seems to keep the peace, but it doesn't last forever.
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