the melancholic suit
These were the ones who shared all of our miseries, and they start at the heart.
counterfeit stranger
It makes copies of objects nearby, but you can always tell that they are fake.

crowd stranger
You cannot touch this stranger. It seems to know everyone and fades away when left alone.

delicate stranger
It looks like it's dancing to music, but you can't hear any.

garden glow stranger
Even though it is found in parks, it is careful to move so that it won't break into a zillion pieces.

soft footed stranger
It is a very quiet stranger but will always be there for its friends.

milk-white stranger
Its interactions with people are on a time limit. It makes white objects glow.

pairing stranger
Anything you do to one happens to the other.

weary stranger
It likes its peace and solitude. If you hit it, it becomes hard as a statue.

sleepy stranger
It gets longer than most skyscrapers. You can see it dreaming.

joyful stranger
When it dies, it dies happily. Allowing it to feed on your blood doesn't always end badly.

housefire stranger
It doesn't set fires, but it's always there when they happen.

mournful stranger
The buledroni is always sad. Nothing makes it happy.

defenseless stranger
Big or small, it loves conversation. It needs to stay in its chamber.
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