We made up games to pass the time.
We learned their numbers; tried to rhyme.
paper art stranger
An origami stranger, it can never move on its own. It appears in the thousands and then dies.
I can only see one. By itself, it's fun.

consolidating stranger
Gentle and sleepy; domesticated. If you hurt it, you'll feel the same pain 24 hours later.
You will never meet two. Who do they turn to?

freak friend stranger
Hides in shadows and ties strings across a room. Grabs sensitives and holds them down, but doesn't hurt them.
It's already trapped three. Can we ever be free?

anamnesis stranger
Gives sensitives a brief ability: they can repeat conversations perfectly, but it won't last long.
They divide by four, And they're always keeping score.

home movies stranger
It shines light from its mouth, like a movie projector. The movies that it projects are memories.
If we only count to five, Then they won't take us alive.

dummy-making stranger
Floats, no interest towards anything. Creates human bodies inside its stomach.
Now it's day number six, And we're on the crucifix.
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