the choleric suit
These were the ones who sought to end us, and they start at the hand.
conformational stranger
It can make people uncomfortable with its habits, or turned on. It is very strong, but lazy.

road kill stranger
Its body becomes infested with bugs and maggots. You wouldn't want to be alone with it.

hot temperature stranger
It isn't as hot as the sun but it will still burn you. When its fire goes out it dies.

patrol stranger
This stranger is always looking for something, and when it finds it, you hear a noise forever.

knife stranger
It loves to cut things into pieces, and it doesn't even need its blade to do so.

royalty stranger
Each one looks a little different. It doesn't like to look at photos.

opera stranger
You'd have to swim very deep to meet a sistrini. Its body is filled with poisonous chemicals.

perfume stranger
Vermillieri wish they could last all year but winter is too cold for it.

tunnel stranger
It is dangerous to go inside this stranger. Even x-rays can't show you the inside.

romance stranger
The lindroni only wants to play with men. It makes them feel good, and then kills them.

zealous stranger
It seems really bothered by something. Anyone at arm's reach gets taken apart.

filthy stranger
It searches for treasure in the junkyard, though its trove may not have much value.

covetous stranger
The haledroni loves people, and things that are shaped like people. Its mood changes quickly.
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