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Chuck Rockwell
Patrol head
date registered
looking for
Bliss City Rescue patrol members
area of expertise
anti-stranger defence
relationship preferences
relationship status
zodiac sign
right hand
favorite stranger
yamadroli (so stylish!)
about me

I'm Chuck and am from Beauford, VN. I wrestle for NMW and volunteer at NMSPCA.

what I'm doing with my life

I am fixing cars down at Lorenzo's come check us out!! I also am founder and head of Bliss City Rescue. Contact me with your stranger emergencies!

the first thing people usually notice about me

I'm a BIG boy ;)

first sensitive experience

Met a worenderi when I first came to town and won my first fight against a stranger!

worst stranger experience

The south end boguldromi – RIP Josh – we will never forget you bro!!

what's something most people don't know about you

I grow a mean tomato!

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