5 ft, 10 in
10 ft
120 lbs
size variance
core temp.
1,000 years
physical appearance

... (/ˈmɛdədɹoʊni/) ... .. . Its body is thin in shape, and it has .... ... .. three variations of eye markings. One half of its body is white, while the other half1 is black. ... ...2

"Our saviors will come as sheep...our killers would be wise to do likewise." Golden, Monserrat. Subtileses, volume VII, NM95.99
"They call this part of town 'the crown'. These buildings...someone built them all the same height, you see? You can't go out unless you go through them...uhm, of course, it just takes you to the other part of town. I think they're still on top of the buildings, but it's ... nice to put the thought into your mind all the same." Guillem, Pol. ♛, 88
they were generous in deciding to enact this

As stated, ... .. ..... "a Great multitude of them swarmed (these gradual complications taking lifetimes) on ledges until the ledges were packed at which point they spilled down and proliferated in great order but with no clear path3, their permutations4 more noticeable in their proportions and environment than any alteration ... in behaviour5."

"The skies were always stormy, the clouds were always churning. If they dipped any lower, they'd grind up the cities, too. I used to walk from edge to remind myself there was an edge. They'd pinned up the politicians at the top of it; like dead bugs, but without the wings. The air was too cold for me to care; or so it felt, of course, the grey still unfrosted. You fools, I could of laughed." †Gniirostretti, Jacquesz
"And they acted as a precursor; something bigger would come later. To cover the edges of the earth, you know." †Go, Geu
"If they did something we could see, that would almost be – better, you know? Everything changed, but – what did they do?" †Gosti, Bardomiano

Continuing, "the medidrixixl lost its legs and swam through drainage pipes. The medimore became taller and more wicked of appearance, needing skyscrapers on all sides to block out the natural horizon for at least three miles. The mediourzirie was differentiated only by a slightly longer proportion of the eye marking, but with no other deviations. When appearing, however, it tended to eclipse all parent strains by 96.999%." ... .... ... and all other unsourced ... documents.

... a little differently, as indicated by their eye markings. ... .. ..... .. ... .... .... .... .... minus, equal, and unequal, respectively.

... .. . ... ... sensitives ...

...6 ...7

"They'd put him on the cross. I almost choked, the way it got caught in my throat. I took my necklace off...I hung it off his foot." †Buhari, Tayode
"There was still one left at the edges of town; she didn't leave the docks. The days to have her kind draw out those paintings...the kind you still see in the old churches...well, those days were long since passed, so all she did was stare out at the sea. I went to see her one had gotten so much harder in such a short span, and with no one else left...maybe I really thought she was going to tell me something, some kind of words of wisdom. So I sat down beside her, and waited for her to acknowledge my presence. When she talked, she didn't look at me; you can keep swimming, you know, is what she said. You can keep swimming, and swimming, and go out into the ocean, until you drown." †Uko, Amarachi
.. and ...


"It looked at me, and I looked at it. I didn't want to be thorough...I couldn't take the risk, just to believe I was doing the right thing (a moment that would fade as fast as any other). So I left it there. Yeah...cowardly. Someone else could punish it for its bad deeds."