1 ft, 6 in
8 ft
80 lbs
size variance
core temp.
1,116 years
physical appearance

The dacrodrene (/ˈdækɹoʊˌdriːn/) is a stranger ... ... . characterized by the small seams running down the length of its body. Its surface feels like rubber, and its flesh inside, though appearing similar to heavily-corded muscle tissue in appearance, is composed of this same rubbery substance. Although it does not express fluid regardless of how firmly it is pressed, its inner tissue glistens as though wet.

... .. ... .. incredibly resilient .... ... .

environment and generation

... .... ..... . .. ..... shopping malls, convenience stores ... rows of products and fluorescent lights, tiles that don't affix to the floor ...

... ... . It spends an indeterminate amount of time in this juvenile stage, growing to full size ..... unpredictably1.

"The small one came to envelop my hand; it was a struggle to pull it off. A younger version of me might have tried to keep it as a pet. Now...I looked around for the fastest way to dispose of it. Because I didn't know when it would grow up..." †unknown
behaviour and effects

The dacrodrene's disposition is .... ... rather inert, with only subtle inclinations and responses to the world around it. It cocks its head at soft sounds, and becomes adverse to sudden stimulus. .. .... .. roams from landmark to landmark.

... ... ..... The dacrodrene meticulously cleans its body with its small claws, giving careful attention to the seams. ..... .. ....... ...

interactions with sensitives

The dacrodrene, if given the chance, will crawl on top of a sensitive and envelop their body completely with its own, which it stretches to wrap around the sensitive2. Once it has made itself into a skin for a sensitive in this way, it does not move again3.

"We didn't go into just went around us. That was always the way it felt, too, the whole mess of it." †unknown
"He'd stopped moving, and the creature's face was distorted by the face beneath. I touched them both, and neither stirred. Foolish...I left four coins behind. Two in those sunken eye-holes...and two on the beast's own eyes. He'd made a sacrifice for us." †unknown

Other individuals will also approach and further envelop the original ... but, unlike the original, un-stretch themselves and return to their own individual wanders after several minutes.

Successful predation of a sensitive by envelopment allows the dacrodrene to live out its full lifespan. .... .. ..... only needs to feed once, and it does so without malice.

aging and death

If the dacrodrene is unable to .... ... .... upon a sensitive, it dies early, its seams splitting apart and its inner muscles becoming a series of unconnected cable-like forms, which spill out and shrivel up ....

"I saw it...distended and with the leaves all around it. I saw the way its body was shaped...that it didn't move, even to look at me.

Someone had built a wooden fence across it...I couldn't read the names carved in the wood. Boundaries had once mattered...even in those afterthought days. We weren't all yet travelers...we were once 'we' at all."