... end . MMMCXIV
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"How could you hope to not disgust us? Your saliva is pooling at your feet...and your hair is matted where it's not falling out. Please...we're not that kind of society."


"With their hands out, they caught our pity in greater abundance than they had ever caught coins."


"Do you think you're better than us? Contempt made us something straight-backed and it made our jaws shine like they were made of metal, too. A sneer down cast a shadow on the ones who now fell weakened to the floor."


"The white of a shocked face can be as pale as bone, and bones were what we now looked through for answers; there must be some way to arrange all this, some hidden thing we had not let ourselves see before. We all know that DNA can embed memories as well...these dead ones have to know something that we don't. We won't let them get away with this!"


"Fear came naturally by then, and even shadows seemed to hide teeth and claws."


"No, we cried out. How could we have let this happen? My god...we killed our prophets. The graves must number in the thousands! And so we too entombed ourselves beneath our guilt."


"We raised our hands as though we might grab the sun and crack it like an egg; but with our reach so shortened by this point, we instead clawed at the bricks and bars around us. Our anger left us only long after we'd ground our fingernails to rinds."


"We painted the rest of it black to match our hate."


"Why would we ever leave this place? How could we ever leave this place? Their domain now has to extend from sea to sea and underneath the sea as well. Oh...the world can give us only sorrow."


"Could jealousy still be said to flutter somewhere underneath our cheeks? They made far better citizens than we had hoped to be."


"And then, there was no one left to share in our joy."