4 ft, 2 in
39 ft, 6 in
size variance
core temp.
95% (95%) / 5% (5%)
202-510 years
no. appearing
physical appearance

The vordroni (/ˈvɔɹdɹoʊni/) is an umber-colored stranger with numerous, medial eye markings that span its buoyant length. Its skin, despite appearing organic and fleshy, is so coarse as to be painful when when touched, although it leaves no mark upon the body. The vordroni itself is extremely durable in vigor, but cannot heal from injuries.

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hey. are you still out there?
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are you reading this?

with frozen conditions an additional stamina that does surface bubbles and cracks, at which water boils, it grows darkening of the mouth, but with this and without this we carry on and on and on, and with no other lasting effects to its structural stability.

The vordroni's deep voice elicit vibrations in the gut of any listener. The strain is prone to repetitions, and repeats 36% of its syllables two to twenty-three times. Its tone is subdued, well-enunciated, and following exposure to yellow-to-orange light, questioning.

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i finally found one of these guys. the ones you were calling the "totem poles".
environment and generation

The vordroni generates with a sizzle of orange smoke. It presents no juvenile state, and is mature (if smelling of wet wood and sulfur) upon the first second of its life. The vaporous byproduct of its manifestation remain aglow in the air until they degrade into sparks, as the vordroni drifts downhill.

The strain can generate only between 2:17AM and 2:38AM, and aside from urban streets, has no locational preferences, nor does it appear near others of its strain.

behaviour and effects

The sluggish and grouchy vordroni restricts itself to rest. Buoyant at a height of three to eight feet, it does not resist the pull of gravity. The vordroni always travels downhill, but remains three feet from walls, and does not enter interior spaces. Should anything disturb its gradual drift, it grumbles and rolls over to face the opposite direction.

The vordroni awakens only for the color orange – growing lively, and more purposely mobile. It begins to seek out rusted objects in its vicinity, which grow more oxidized by the vordroni's presence. Falling away and rolling downwards, drifting down and finally, abandoning the pile. But its idle dominion over the world is not yet over. And then, once it has sufficiently calmed down, it waits for the next time.

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hey...i know you're probably still pretty upset.
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if you're still around at all.

There is no greater trial facing humanity. They won't let them change, closing up one by one, with its vision blurring, its breathing getting frantic, once of its eyes closes, there remains no trace of the marking upon its surface.

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the one i saw still had its eye markings open. this was two weeks ago, but it was down by turn and narrow. just bring a ball with you and you'll find where it ended up.

unable to close their eyes at all, desperate for relief, with only and not without struggle.

others, impatient at best.

interactions with sensitives
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but, i wanted you to know about this.

Though it must always and forever be treated as being an aggressive strain, the vordroni's time is spent frightened and worried beneath the surface and a short, ineffective temper. It scratches with repetitive swipes, but soon grows fully ambivalent. Even an "excited" vordroni does not maintain its anger for more than a few minutes.

Encounters with the stranger cause the sensitive to feel that vocal statements are not truthful, an effect exacerbated by the vordroni's agitation at the time. This doubt becomes more pronounced when the sensitive is exposed to the color orange, and fades after a length of time that reflects the encounter's duration, but is no longer than four and a half months.

Repeated, deliberate exposure to the strain appears carcinogenic, an effect unobserved for those who encounter the strain by accident.

further closure and death
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There isn't one of these guys anywhere...but I think there's something going on about a block from there. Does anyone know where to find the key to Narrow Street?

continue to close. The vordroni its eyes have disappeared, and ritual gouging of the flesh, with remaining markings, its actions but not malicious or impatient. Those vordroni unable to perform this action become delirious in their distress until forced to die of old age.

Regardless of whether by choice or by age, the vordroni dies with a sudden crumble, its fragmentation releasing a pungent and metallic stench into the air. Aside from this crude display, the vordroni leaves behind no remains.