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can I make my own stranger?

You can create any type of stranger that you'd like, and as many as you want. (We'd love to see anything that you create!) Goodbye Strangers encourages creativity and experimentation, and as such, there are no hard rules for how to create a stranger. Nonetheless, the guidelines listed as part of Mosaics may be a good starting point.

If you share your own strains online, please provide a link back to the site. (And, if you're curious about which canon prefixes are already in use, you can consult the index of strains.)

This sort of 'free reign' holds true for any fan-characters or fan-narratives, as well. Do you want to make a character who lives in the world of strangers? Do you want to create an alternate universe set in space, or a distant historical past, or introduce them to your own world? You have our full blessing.

what is the naming system for strangers?

For a stranger's name, the prefix denotes the strain, while the suffix denotes the sub-strain. While the same suffixes can show up for multiple strains, each prefix is specific to a single strain. Though names sometimes have semantic meanings or resonance, many are named in a more intuitive/synesthetic manner – i.e, what "feels right" for the strain.

what does term mean/who is this character/what is this event?

Goodbye Strangers is a vast multimedia property, and as such, is full of concepts and entities that may not have an immediately inferred context. Though the information listed here is meant to act as an entry point into the world of the project, and a glossary of terms is planned as a future Patreon goal, other expository resources may be revealed through exploration of the site. If you're still unable to find an explanation for any specific term, however, feel free to ask in the Blue Hell discord server, full of friendly members who'd love to assist you!

are there any plans to publish a Goodbye Strangers book?

We'd love to publish a book someday! If you're a publisher interested in working with us, please drop us a line!

can I use strangers in my RP/TTRPG?

Yes, you can use strangers in any sort of RP, whether public or private, tabletop or text-based, and are free to modify any aspect of the Strangers canon to do so. Do you want to create a humanized stranger character? Do you want to modify their effects to work with an existing system of your own? Do you want to add strangers to your favorite tabletop roleplaying system? All such endeavors are supported wholeheartedly, though we appreciate you linking back to the website.

can I create a story/comic/game set in the Strangers universe?

You have our full blessing to create any sort of fan-story/comic/game (or other media) based on Goodbye Strangers, provided that you give full credit for the base concepts, and don't seek to make money off of such an endeavor. If you do wish to use the Strangers property in a for-profit manner, please contact us beforehand.

can I create my own stranger adoptables?

Yes – while there are a variety of places in which official Strangers adoptables can be purchased, fans are free to create and sell their own. You can find more information at the Strangers Adoptables Database.

where can I get physical Strangers merchandise?

Currently, the most reliable source of merchandise is our superdroni rewards tier on the Goodbye Strangers Patreon. We've also began collaborating with outside creators in order to provide new products. If you're interested in partnering with the site to create and sell official merchandise, please let us know!

can I contribute to the project?

The Goodbye Strangers team is currently expanding on an invitational basis! If you're interested in being considered for invitation, please fill out this Google Form – or consider joining in to the weekly project discussions on the Blue Hell discord. We're flattered by your interest in the project!