How do you design a stranger?

Generally, we can think of strangers by their relation to one another, and the idea of "variations on a theme". A guiding principle in terms of canon designs is the idea that one could look at any three random strangers and be able to recognize them as being offshoots of the same, unseen base form.

The idea of "X+1" may also be helpful to think about, with "X" being the base form, and "+1" referring to the addition of further details. So a stranger with ears, or a stranger with three tails, or one with a bandaged head would all fall under this design principle. But a stranger with scaly legs, angel wings, leopard spots on its back, and a tattoos across its sides might start to look a bit visually busy, and less "strange".

(But, you can get creative with the "+1", as well. Because the +1 can also mean changing the world in which the strangers appear, or adding a more complicated concept. Concepts like a mech stranger or a dragon stranger might have a lot of individual visual elements that set it apart from the canonical strains, but they still exemplify the "+1" rule – stranger + mech, or stranger + dragon.)

(Though experimentation and variation is encouraged, you might also find ⇢this list of questions to be helpful in conceptualizing your strain.)

Of course, an idea that cannot be stated enough – "make it your own". Strangers has as many "canons" as it does people – as with any work of media, your interpretation will be different from that of your neighbor. In the act of creation, please think of yourself as your own audience, as well. Experiment wildly. Surprise yourself. And make something that you enjoy above all else.

formatting guide

Here is where there are a few rules.

When submitting your stranger, please include the following:

Making your strain a part of Mosaics allows you to:

The fee to post your stranger online is $15 USD per entry.

This covers the time it takes to read the entry, format the HTML/CSS, and upload it to the server. Additional formatting or other time spent may incur a higher cost. This price is subject to change at any time. (Please note that we reserve the right to turn down submitted designs for any reason.)

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