Dream Pattern by Suzunomiya
1 alethzanade
the first is last now, the last is first
don't let me organize, I'm really the worst [ feeling nothing and wanting this to continue ]
2 asturidrane
when you think it's all over, I come out to play my scraps tell you what to expect for the day [ in a trance of happiness, wanting this to last forever ]

3 halatidraxis
I'm seeking you out, you better take care you don't want my thorns but I'm eager to share [ impatient and wanting this to end soon ]
4 chaodranori
around and around, I run my paces
getting lost in such strange places [ very happy and never wanting to go back ]

5 mednadronelle
soft and sleepy, make me your doll
and into dreamy mists we'll fall [ in a focused trance, accepting this ]
6 xaaceni
white and gray, stay away
white and black, you can relax [ angry and resentful, accepting this ]

7 pluomi
I might look like a toy, but if we go together
then you'll be my friend for the rest of forever [ subtly sincere and wanting this to continue ]
8 cantamarion
don't worry about me, I'm okay
the same, for you, I cannot say [ in a trance of excitement, wanting this to end soon ]