Squiggly Snacks by Soda
1 kimiwiraze
tastes like: kiwi
"I don't like touching it very much."
2 mogochegoum
tastes like: mango
"It's a little too comfortable getting this close..."

3 barrybizone
tastes like: strawberry candy
"Trying to wash it was a mistake!"
4 blubomutari
tastes like: blueberry cream pie
"It doesn't move a lot.. just.. Watches.."

5 sorabeizi
tastes like: sorbet
"It doesn't want to leave my side, but has trouble keeping up.”
6 myometa
tastes like: bacon
"I never want to make eye contact with it again."

7 ovulexi
tastes like: raw egg
"Keeps trying to climb into my oven. Weird."
8 ramurudane
tastes like: ramune
"I get slapped every time I reach for a cup of water."