Maritimes by Pippington
1 anthosoma
It perches on dock posts to stare at beachgoers. Its presence starts to erode manmade structures, and attracts barnacles.
2 ptiladelle
It slinks around the boardwalk late at night, belching smog down alleyways and into windows through its teeth.

3 malacostern
With its licking, it leaves a layer of salt over everything. Looking into its eyes brings nightmares of being cocooned alive.
4 quasimuren
It floats aimlessly down the coastline. Those that get close might not want to leave the water.

5 uoichidrize
Generating exclusively in fish markets, it loves to run its fingers over dead scales and ice cubes. Fish caught in its area of effect are bigger, but have more mercury in their flesh.
6 polupilatine
It's found in runoff pipes and smokestacks. Its primary diet is industrial waste, which it converts into a useless, gritty sludge.

7 amboinend
It endlessly patrols the beaches, removing anything that doesn't belong. That includes bottles, bags, paper, and sensitives.
8 spumordren
Washing up on shore with hundreds of its brethren, it's already dead before it hits the sand. It inspires feelings of the loneliness of the ocean, and infestations increase artistic works as well as depression rates.