Magnates by Krookaburra
1 matadroule (forlorn)
You never said you’d be gone today, but I waited for you, and that will never change.
2 infinitroni (repentant)
Leave me alone now, it’s too late, you’ll just hurt me more and I’ll hurt you and I would never ever want that for us.

3 siestori (wary)
I know you didn’t do it on purpose, I saw how distant you had become, you didn’t even know who you were anymore and I don’t blame you for anything you’ve done.
4 pierrotrone (enraptured)
It’s so nice, actually.. that you’d.. you know... I really like it... it means a lot to me.. But I’ll miss you and I know that you know that, just don’t forget, okay?

5 soliereri (fearful)
It’s a bad, bad sign. But it’ll all be okay. I’ll always have our memories and those will never leave me. Thank you for them.
6 vermillieri (abandoned)
I think you really meant a lot to me, I don’t remember why you stayed by my side but I remember how happy you made me. I wish I was still holding your hand.

7 matatron (serene)
You’re under fire in the city and the chimes won’t stop for us, the time is now and it’s so, so sweet. What once was, is now locked into forever.
8 covecrode (beckoning)
I-it’s... It’s really good, I promise, I know you were looking forward to it and it’s so so good, you’re going to get lost and love it. I got lost too. Come find me.