Platatformer by ocularguts
A set of stranger adoptables based on some sort of janky platformer game.
1 Deiwixo
Pros only. Or if you're looking for a good laugh as it wobbles.
2 Fohazne
I can't move it... why is there a string on this???
3 Parmectus
Best for undeground stages. It packs a party!

4 Outriyo
This one is DEFINITELY hacked, wow. Good for beginners?
5 Viazeico
Help... it, uh, punctured the game's assets...
6 Shrupidi
Fan favorite. Has a LOT of fanart online.

7 Acaradax
That one video game character with excessive amount of fan theories.
8 Lomisacra
Low jump and sticky speed. Very challenging.