Dooblaeuy by ocularguts
A set of stranger adoptables based on unproductivity while you draw.
1 totherfuone
size: button
thought: was that a notification?
2 metixowames
size: A4 paper
thought: let's check memes again!
3 anlosgarxi
size: ruler
thought: lost my pen again...

4 layofilozer
size: your curtains
thought: 72% opacity? maybe 73%?
5 pronextomezi
size: entire desk
thought: what if... i made ANOTHER project...
6 homatagotax
size: gaming console
thought: pin this site, and that, this too...

7 henafotue
size: mattress
thought: let's take a third nap.
8 bagoburazi
size: your leg
thought: did i forget to unplug my chargers?