Liaisons by Jesseth
01. Poidemmei
We found it crying at the deep end of the pool: Its tears float up, oily.
02. Carrounde
Neon lights, road-markings, cat’s eyes...they died beached on the traffic island.
03. Framboassi
Sickly perfume filled the sidewalk. The older Framboassi gets, the redder their hands get, too.

04. Irrevagranz
Loves to stare at printed pictures. They suck out the saturation, leaving only a dull blue behind.
05. Chaudemii
Their feelings are lukewarm. Small children tell more lies when Chaudemii comes back around the town.
06. Vvraigri
Did they put this here recently? A thick magenta paste exudes when we drive over, slow. That’s the only thing that makes them happy.

07. Ennuesimi
Is this the perfect place you dreamt of, you ask yourself? It never is. Nowhere you go ever will be.
08. Bordyeauxxi
Though they have no limbs, punches are thrown more often when Bourdyeauxxi is nearby. Every tooth knocked out ends up inside it, floating in alcohol.
09. Dontibleuu
Clawless, it cannot hurt by force alone. But its influence seems amplified by wireless devices...

10. Dessinondri
As their markings fade in, the mural-sprawls grew more complex, their application more frantic.