Fever Hospital by Jesseth
It didn't know that there was still one nurse out there who sang melodies to it during the last shift. Don't worry, please, don't cry... TAG: end after 16 weeks
2 covevurivane "Gentle"
And so, the pets that we kept reflected our shadows. They spoke nothing in particular. See, I trained it to sit, don't you want to..? TAG: serial code #646464

3 STIVIDREMI "Mary-Mary"
The crowds, ravenous as they were on the ground, still stood in awe of the walker. Please, please, please...please heal us... TAG: "upon reading these commandments, you must now place yourself at the mercy of that being which has delivered this salvation to you."
4 SOR "calluson"
The warlord in the tower kept the room so tight, so close, but these imposters still poured out. This isn't me...look at the photographs! TAG: #3

5 KENDRIDEVRIN "kendridevrin"
They called it a ghost, the patients did.
  See, you've basically gotten it to - it's keeping the original form, you see? TAG: kendridevrin? -WRW
6 CONDRONI "metacondroluren"
The reactor, the largest in the world. From space, the colonies smiled. How else could they have done it? No, no, no, no! Stop climbing, stop climbing! TAG: VII0

7 LADRONI "faithfelicity"
There was no more oil, there was nothing to be churned up. ( the acrid silence that stretches to and fro. ) TAG: spent
8 FEREDRONI nurse #2258
The ward, still cloth-free, nonetheless was lined with metal beds, and the patients moaned from them. Pick me, pick me...! TAG: nurse #2258

9 TRASODRONI the brickmud garden
It wasn't meant to be much, just a place to come down and relax...but then the sub-ionized water... ...when hit with the waves from a genero-convex box... TAG: not to be entered without strict authorization.
10 BASODRILLE nurse #2236
But there were still friends among them. Because they couldn't get sick, you know... One dosage, please. Thank you. One dosage, please. TAG: nurse #2236

11 TORODROMI "Vanetty"
When you hold your ear up to the pipes, it almost sounds like music, doesn't it? "I feel like I can trust you..." TAG: "I thought I'd grown attached, and 'Vanetty' might be a fitting name. But I'm all done now; you may do with it what you wish."