Valiants by Felix
1 sallarizanzari
Was it born with an arrow stuck into its head?
Or did someone mean shoot it? (I hope they drop dead!)
2 ferrivodronett
There's a flame by its face that it swats like a fly.
But it's limbs go right through. Can't do much now but cry...
3 quanderi
It's always confused. It can't sort out its thoughts.
If it gets too perplexed, its arms twist into knots.

4 shedrovidrone
It's darker than onyx or oboes or coal.
When you meet it, you might just lose all self control.
5 mazzivodrone
It wears a mask it can't take off.
But it still sprays blood with every cough.
6 illizovanti
Its voice sounds like music broadcast underwater.
It shows up for murders, but not for manslaughter.

7 cruvvideri
It smells a lot like dried-up blood.
It's body's gross. It's filled with crud.
8 soroussidrane
It went to the circus. It liked all the lights.
It ate all the tigers; some whole, some in bites.
9 pluroxindrine
It's soft, like a toy, and it's never unkind.
Cut it open, and you might not like what you find...

10 relevidanzri
It walks through the house with dirty feet;
Pairs wiggle their toes whenever they meet.
11 gallarivene
Its body can shimmer just like the night sky.
It might shimmer more if you'd just say goodbye...
12 omondouri
It glows in the dark, it hides under tables.
It might try to cover its eyes with old labels.

13 honzourizant
It smells like fresh blood and it floats in the air.
If it wants to befriend you, you'd better take care.
14 pulliodori
It looks like a toy, and it squeaks like one, too.
But it doesn't act like any toy you're used to...
15 hellixure
It's cold to the touch and it hides in the dark.
It says just one thing; a quite vulgar remark.

16 flippidexi
It's too slick to grab onto, it wobbles and rolls!
Outside of this flopping, it has no real goals.
17 chlorennidrove
It smells like detergent but isn't as clean.
Its tastes and its hobbies, in fact: just obscene.
18 limonideri
Is it missing its legs? Was it just born this way?
Did you know it loves tea, though? (It's home's a cafe.)

19 eioniderexi
It's tail is the cap to a body that's hollow.
It hides pills in its innards with no need to swallow!
20 venetantri
Though it seems quite naive, it's actually clever.
If you set it on fire, it smolders forever.
21 gorennatori
It's almost invisible. Only its eyes
can be seen in the dark. Walking towards them? Unwise.

22 nirederin
Watching it struggle, I don't understand
why it doesn't try using its tail like a hand.
23 voonodrone
It's quiet; you never know when it's nearby.
It sort of just lingers there. (Please don't ask why.)
24 fesserideri
It feels soft; not like silk, but like lint or some fuzz
you'd find under your bed. But that's not all it does...

25 venzetrenet
It hides its eyes behind a cloud.
It looks at stuff that's not allowed.
26 mollitori
It wants to put its hands on you.
If you knew why, you might not want it to...
27 duvondri
Such an innocent face. Did you know that it lied?
Did you know that it buried the coins side-by-side?

28 mourierienzi
It's made of tar, and oh so sticky.
Getting out of its hug is a little bit tricky.
29 auxiori
It floats above your bed at night,
But it won't keep you up, for it's aura's not bright.
30 ziccrizone
If you grab it, it crumbles apart into hair.
If you find where it lives, you should let it stay there.

31 imorriten
Who put all those pins in its poor little snout?
Does it matter? It won't let you pull them out...
32 candicoure
If you chew it, it tastes just like bubble gum.
If you swallow, though, you might not like the outcome.
33 slovorenzo
It's cold to the touch, and its eyes drive you crazy.
Sometimes it says words, but it's often too lazy.

34 blutendrene
It showed up at your party empty-handed.
It cannot be reprimanded.
35 kraztazrzyridrone
It likes to writhe beneath lights that flicker.
If it's near you, you might feel your heart beating quicker.
36 ossiridrome
When they learned what had severed the royal bloodline,
They called it their god and they built it a shrine.