Nuo by Felix
1 mizirrizor
size: familiar
sensation: cool, reflective
social role: follows from a distance
2 luvondri
size: unexpected
sensation: polished, churning
social role: waits for the crumbs to drop
3 zentavari
size: meager
sensation: brittle, unclean
social role: plays the victim

4 exivovantl
size: exceptional
sensation: sizzling, pliable
social role: kills without remorse
5 souvrisondri
size: hand-held
sensation: velvety, firm
social role: destroys social ties
6 kekorridrote
size: variable
sensation: smooth, squeaky
social role: brings the party to life

7 sylocontari
size: inadequate
sensation: grubby, wooly
social role: holds no grudges
8 pluvodourexi
size: undersized
sensation: soft, dusty
social role: calms disputes
9 roumamoraze
size: surprising
sensation: feverish, sticky
social role: corrupts those nearby

10 zozazone
size: convenient
sensation: rubbery, bouncy
social role: boosts its reputation
11 zerizarine
size: slightly small
sensation: clammy, supple
social role: offers silent approval
12 coloronde
size: underwhelming
sensation: chilly, trembling
social role: keeps to itself

13 pintipoly
size: just right
sensation: mushy, warm
social role: tells everyone's secrets
14 szurivexy
size: unacceptable
sensation: frail, flabby
social role: plots escape
14 douzonzori
size: standard
sensation: spongy, tacky
social role: soaks up attention

16 volouridrome
size: gargantuan
sensation: glossy, sweaty
social role: incites jealousy
17 jincrezanzi
size: miniature
sensation: cushiony, rugged
social role: picks fights
18 felelolondari
size: suitable
sensation: elastic, slippery
social role: sabotages group dynamics

19 jazzaridine
size: inconsistent
sensation: numbing, rippling
social role: amplifies insecurities
20 hushridroli
size: handy
sensation: scratchy, stinging
social role: mediates disputes
21 ventacrizor
size: unremarkable
sensation: rigid, electrified
social role: keeps to itself

22 lioliolovivi
size: puny
sensation: gooey, steamy
social role: passes silent judgment
23 holozontour
size: cumbersome
sensation: chunky, sandy
social role: guards the weak
24 invixidrini
size: awkward
sensation: fleshy, pulsing
social role: awaits its turn

25 slovvadovish
size: looming
sensation: slippery, frigid
social role: excludes its peers
26 minitindrini
size: modest
sensation: flaky, dry
social role: shuns affection
27 bouribourine
size: inconspicuous
sensation: rugged, leathery
social role: destroys the competition