Dolley by Felix
1 ozaridox
"shaking and terrified like that...why doesn't it leave, if it hates it so much...?"
[ mirrors, white light, porcelain tiles, and boxes of expired medication ]
2 vivitiridanezy
"it's not much fun to cut apart when sometimes it grows back, sometimes it doesn't..."
[ plywood ceilings with cables hanging down from every gap, a sticky floor, and rebar rusted red ]
3 slusshidrove
"the deeper you put your hand in, the worse it feels...but if you go even deeper..."
[ rubber furniture, flashing arcade machine lights and the smell of aspartame ]

4 hattakattanzi
"look, it can't see what you're doing...and if you put your hand on it like this..."
[ blood red skies, a moon that hangs low, and chain-link fences with barbed wire round the top ]
5 lulourid
"it's only friendly with others of its kind. look, they'll even get inside the same puddle..."
[ flickering fluorescent bulbs, tinny speakers, and playing cards strewn over stained carpets ]
6 escketorus
"you have to watch out – you can't trust its hands when you only look at its face..."
[ flowerbeds overgrown with weeds, broken windows, hubcaps, ropes, and wheels from toy cars ]

7 welexywiere
"it actually tastes a lot better than it smells - but, uhmm, you shouldn't eat it. ever."
[ books with moldy covers, pencils broken into thirds, and locks with keys long since lost ]
8 tivinitrine
"don't you want to know what it looks like underneath? someone went through so much trouble."
[ empty bottles lined up on cement floors, leather boots and fur coats, and dead TVs ]
9 jellicanzy
"it's so much fun, you almost don't want to stop. it's so much fun, you never want to stop..."
[ caged trees, cracked sidewalks, and puddles that reflect steel towers with no lights on ]

10 telerexxi
"why do you think it keeps dancing...? it's losing more of itself with each twist..."
[ cloudless skies, cement barricades, yellow floodlights and a night that never comes ]
11 callendrine
"modified this way, someone must have been trying to extract coolant from it."
[ narrow corridors, stainless steel doors, papered-over windows and shelves of empty cans ]
12 lorellilanxy
"oh, really feels good. oh, no, not have to keep touching it."
[ furniture pulled out of the ditch, and a floor covered in broken wine glasses ]

13 philopolipy
"why do people keep trying to cut this one open? they already know what's inside..."
[ building-fronts disguised by tarp, and a maze made out of cardboard walls ]
14 dazzitranx
"if you tie it up the right way, it'll do what you want...but this isn't the right way."
[ bathtubs with rusted handles, cloudy mirrors, and the low hum of street traffic ]
15 seviriten
"it's safer without its eyes...see? it's even kind of friendly...kind of."
[ plastic plants, tables with name cards above each setting, and the smell of ash ]

16 minzividane
" that's just absurd. but it doesn't seem to mind being all messed up..."
[ storefronts lined with plastic trinkets, and fumes that waft up from the floor vents ]
17 rennivanxy
"it looks a bit worn out, but it's just cosmetic. you can still get a lot out of it..."
[ tubs filled to the brim with bleach, dyes in every color, and the taste of saltwater ]
18 kashridrona
"you had better avoid it - and don't listen to what it says. no matter what it says."
[ burnt out lightbulbs, moldy wood planks, overturned tables and rattling pipes ]

19 jololonzi
"by now it's been captive for a while...but it still smells like the antiseptic it used to drink."
[ rusted bars on makeshift cages, dirt soaked with oil, demolished hospital grounds ]
20 kezzerexxi
"oh, it's only a little bit crumpled. it can still make you laugh, it can still make you cry."
[ tents held up by fence beams and broken tree limbs, and lanterns by the dozen ]
21 solounidrine
"you don't have to be scared of it. it only wants to watch."
[ mirrors covered up with duct tape, words written backwards, movies in reverse ]

22 vizzevidrove
"you have to be gentle with its hands, but...look how much you can get from it..."
[ chain link fences, factories behind concrete moats, and a hundred camera eyes ]
23 onopanzori
"it follows you no matter what. but that's okay...just feel how soft it is."
[ freshly planted flowers, signs that read "keep out", and the drifting strychnine clouds ]
24 settivondour
"it leaves stains everywhere. i guess it makes more when it's happy...but it's always happy."
[ stacked crates of video tapes and magazines, piles of used gauze, and a locked steel door ]

25 ventouritrane
"the only thing inside it now is cables and microchips. it really is a perfect pet."
[ boarded-up market stalls, balloons, paintings on velvet, and empty bird nests ]
26 hazzennidori
"it shows up at the same time every night. it's too bad it always goes away..."
[ moonless skies, the ticking of a thousand clocks, and jet-black roses ]
27 pololodoxxy
"don't fall for its sad expression. they call it a killer for a reason..."
[ hastily constructed mazes, walls of tires, and ribbons tied around the stumps of trees ]

28 mellevideri
"it's have to be quiet around it. and its wings will break if you touch them..."
[ white marble monuments with red marks sprayed to the top, and clear blue skies ]
29 cevevexieri
"after what's been done to it, it will never leave your side."
[ tanks of boiling liquid, blood red steam, and a floor coated in sticky tar ]
30 inirizontouri
"there are a lot of people out there who would kill for this - you know, a really 'nice' one."
[ burlap bags filled with steel shavings, dead TV monitors, and the incinerator roar ]