Baronets by Felix
1 The Pernicious Circuit
the long-dead racer's cries still echoed in the loops of the racing tunnels.
you can straighten out its halo, but not for long.
2 The Resonant Fallout
the chemical plant's toxic sludge dripped down from the library roof above.
it glows more when it's curious.
3 The Jealous Sacrifice
the obelisk-shrine was rebuilt only once the queen's illness lifted.

its tail always reforms, tip-first.

4 The Lights Across the Water
the greyship sailed on, sailors blinded and masts cracked.

its spectral body walks on water, and sinks when it touches earth.
5 The Forlorn Zealot
the dead tzar's wastelands grew more corrupted with each fallen tower.
as long as you recite its poem, it follows your every command.
6 The Space Invader
the stars above the thousand-ship dimmed as the lasers shot down.

it doesn't show sympathy for those that it kills.

7 The Impervious Ideal
the chevalier's palace was filled with toys and dolls, and no prince in sight.
its halo-symbol shifts to match your mood.
8 The Coagulated Nuance
the sharpened cliffs of Prison Hell made the scholars' escape impossible.
it desperately wants you to stare into its "eyes".
9 The Withering Intrepid
the gap between the worlds was no void; it shimmered, kaleidoscopic.
its tank is filled with phosgene.

10 The Inexhaustible Knave
the relay station broadcast its waves across the rubber sea.

it uses its tail like a hand to balance itself.
11 The Hind's Atonement
the orchard's fruits remained blood-filled until the hunt was over.
it rubs its injuries to heal them.
12 The Chosen Grudge
the chanter's graveyard held only the angels' halos.

it's looking for something that was taken from it.