adoptables by Nove NuVonde
hello! I’m NuVonde

I’m a member of the Goodbye Strangers creative team and semi-active adoptables creator. If you’re reading this, you’re probably at least passingly interested in getting a custom stranger from me. The good news is, I’m happy to make a custom for you!

My two preferred methods of contact are via Discord and Twitter. My username is Nove NuVonde#4726 and you can find me active in the Blue Hell Discord server. On Twitter you can find me @NuVonde. I do all transactions via PayPal invoice. Typical wait time is 1-5 days, though if something comes up that delays progress I’ll be certain to let you know.

terms of use

All designs created by me must by proxy follow the main site terms of use. Adoptables may not be used for commercial purposes, and their species must remain a stranger.

Designs may be used for any non-commercial endeavors. This includes use in fan modules and Mosaics entries.

Any aspect of the design may be changed at any time (name, disposition, class, etc.) as long as the changes comply with the main site terms of use.

When using or hosting designs elsewhere on the internet please credit me with either my Twitter @NuVonde or my Neocities!

what you’re here for...

The cost of one custom stranger design is $23 USD. You will receive a 600x450px image (or 450x600px if that suits your fancy) along with an internal image, name, class, and disposition.

Specifications can be as vague or exact as the buyer wants, within a margin of reason ( I generally won’t do anything beyond a “common sense” level of complexity). I try to be accommodating so if you’re not sure if I’m able to do something, just ask!

...but there’s more~

For $5 extra (total price $28 USD) I will design custom strangers with NSFW features. This includes genitals, prominent nipples, BDSM accessories, and various other fetishes.

I only draw the line at overtly harmful, reprehensible kinks (you know who you are) and highly complex features (e.g. shibari). If you’re unsure if I’m willing to design something, don’t be afraid to ask and we can talk it out!

thanks for coming!

Patronage from readers like you helps me to continue supporting the project. If you’d like to see records of all strangers designs I’ve created in the past, see this Google Doc, which is updated regularly.