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Hello, and welcome to the Strangers Adoptables Database! This site has been set up to catalog the various sets of strangers adoptables. Please be sure to play nice, and whether you're a buyer or a seller, always follow the !

important note! these terms of use apply only to the buying, selling, and trading of Strangers "adoptables" designs. permission is not needed to create fan-strangers or any other non-for-profit fan-works.

Terms of Design Sales
  • There is a $15USD hosting fee per 8 designs to host your adoptables on the strangers site. This covers the time needed for the coding/web maintenance. Strangers designs may not be sold until the hosting fee has been paid.
  • Unless they are hosted on the Strangers Adoptables Database, strangers designs cannot be sold.
  • The "terms of design use" must be included on each public sale page.
  • The Strangers Adoptables Database is not involved in sale or advertisement of designs.
Terms of Design Use
  • Designs may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Designs cannot be resold, but can be given as gifts to others.
  • Designs can only be traded for other stranger adoptable designs, and only at a 1:1 exchange rate.
  • Any aspect of the visual/thematic design can be changed, but the design's 'species' cannot be changed; it must remain a "stranger". Spin-off designs or alternate versions, however, are acceptable - i.e. "this stranger as a human/equine/dragon".

important note! this website is not an exhaustive resource of all strangers adoptable designs, and older designs may not be included.

means a new set!
means designs are available!

Are you interested in aquiring a design?
Please see this spreadsheet for the most accurate listings of availability.

last updated: July 9th, 2020
Fever Hospital
by Jesseth
by Jesseth
by Felix
by CosmicSynthetics
by Felix
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And yet, their cries fell on deaf ears, and the realities continued to overlap and degrade. The divisions between the "real" and "unreal" broke down with every new set, and through the cracks in these walls, the flood-drops tapped.