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guesss WHAT!!!! (YELLOW ROAD YO!!!!)
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[ emotion | hyper!!!! also hungry ]
[ music | Snoop Dogg- Lodi Dodi (feat. Nancy Fletcher) ]
so!!! this is my first time going to...dun dun dunnn...the Yellow Road!!! can you fuckin believe how far ive come?? it's gonna be a blast!!!!! gonna bring a LOT of psycholy andddd some other stuff too!!! (isn't it great how security dogs can't smell drugs that "don't exist"???) also i brought a lottt of condoms and some other sex thingsss cuz I'm gonna try to hook up :) :) :) IF i can do it safely, a lottt if possible..... cuz who knows what other pervs like me might be coming to a place like this :D
itll be cool to go to a place where there's no strangers too. I mean, aside from just yknow... people!!! and whatever strangers people smuggle in lol. and some people who are sort of friends. and a lot of random people from North Mural :\ but WHATEVER!!!!!! DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and whatever the fuck a maze train is lol.? and music stuff and holograms and HOPEFULLY lottttsss more :D :D
plus it'll be my first time going on an ACTUAL trip. like the longer kind and NOT like that trip to the state capital in middle school. or the OTHER kind of trip cuz i have done plentyy of those :)
so it starts just outside of Albuquerque and ends up somewhere around where Las Vegas used to be, also I heard there's still a functioning army base there, or something?
meh, whatevzz I'll figure it out when I get there. can you believe I already made enough $$$$ selling psycholy that I could get the CAPSULE ticket????? yeah okay its only the lowest class next to the steam chambers but COME ON!!! it's got a window and it sounds perfffffect for everything I wanna do :) :) :)
tagged: YELLOW!!!! FUCKIN!!!!! ROAD!!! dealer life sex??!!
forgetting something?
listen to yourself. you're being objectifying. (don't be a pervert.) the bathrooms might be gross. your room will have a bad smell and no girls will want to go inside. (wait, what about your bad skin?) everyone will still think you're weird. thousands of brand new people will think you're weird.
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