you're looking.! wait, ¼Ó ¢Ñ still here,
®y © been trapped, it's still me inside here!" shouted the psychic, his words falling on deaf ears. [ EXCLUSIVE ]
DIRTY PSYCHIC SECRETS || HE REVEALED LIES || dirty psychic cowardly artist sicko liar ¢ «¢ ¡I¢ «¢ ¡I
it's coming, it's coming, it's coming?? its coming, its going to happen and it's coming soon, soon, soon!

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this stranger possesses a disposition.

ever wanted a fresh start?
you can finally do it all over, and this time all of your ideas will come true to life where nothing's actually "real"
that's right... you're finally safe!
the nightmare is over!!
you're not trapped in the maze – in fact, there was never any maze at all, it was just a bad dream ®