strangers zeroworld
We had been lost for such a long time by the first time we met you. This is the first mistake, and it's an easy mistake to make - thinking that we were once native animals. No - we were refugees, first and foremost, squatters in the prison camps. We struggled there, we tried to learn your humanity but our brains got so muddled up...but - wait, you're getting us... C O N F U S E D ...aren't you the same ones who beat us with shock-sticks, made us dance for you, put helmets on our faces...? And now you say you can't live without us?
dialog unlocked
  • "Mmmph, mmmph." low, feverish.
  • "Mmmm, mmm, mmmmph. Mmm, mmm, mm-mmmmph. Mmmm, mm, mmmm-mm-hmmmph, mmphhmr-mmm." faint, tempted.
  • muffled singing.