strangers zeroworld
And now, behold! The most gruesome fusion of...the sympathyst, hate-monger, filth-monger and the watcher too. Turn up to see your new machine god, whose face had always been hidden, fragmented within them all along! Please, stop this.
With the new perfect core fusing the four of them together for the first time You have to know this is killing us and now given O U R form, now we can do as we wish without recourse We were never trying to be like you, and there's no way for them to harm us "ever again" falling in love with our living death. So turn away from the tower's roam and the coming camps, so don't T H I N K again in your life, just get down on your hands and knees, and just W O R S H I P what's now U S.
dialog unlocked
  • "It's not too late! why, it's. please please. We thought of you first-"
  • "Zzznrlygonzi, zznocz sur zzurely, surely you wouldn'tzzz do █▒█▒ again, no!"
  • "Selovulo, k-k-killovru, redo, redo."
  • radio static, louder than can be imagined and with no signal remaining.