football ?!! let's watch FOOTBALL, pro's FOOTBALL!
in high-definition, over 2,283 tapes to order and watch, tackling, long tackles, this is extra contact football ³ ¨Ç¤ »
Santa's looking... he can't see a gift in here for you!
maybe if you'd been a bit more violent??

will You be my Santa this year??
Can you help a Christmas miracle come true?? Since I was a kid I've been looking for this strain.. .
you'll never know more, unless you buy in...!
listed on ▞▝▛▟/▘▚/▘▗ at 06:03PM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

oh you can't measure up ???
no, not "down there" - we mean, everyone's laughing at your puny leadership qualities, ©O ¡C «¢ «¢ so wimpy and ©«©¢«¢ pathetic, wow! »
was that a bug?? is there a bug right now???
just keep searching ...
do you really think you'll help them find a way out?