...and still it leads you into something warmer, and it starts to feel nostalgic.
The longer you're lost, in fact, the closer and closer this nostalgia seems to be.
▛▜▟▜ ▞▞▘▞ ▛▛▟▚
▛▖▞▝ ▙▚▝ except, you already knew that you weren't getting out of the theme park ▛▖▞▝ ▙▚▝ and that there was no "end" ▛▖▞▝ ▙▚▝ for you. You could have already ▛▖▞▝ ▙▚▝ made your peace, but ▛▖▞▝
A series of three graphic design images created as part of a non-related show, preceding the diagnosis of brain malformation by several years.𐆛
: FACT: you find yourself aware of a pressure in your skull.
: FACT: you have forgotten the way out of the maze.
𐋐: FACT: you are not beyond salvation.
𐆛 Except, the first one looks an awful lot like a zebra pelt, doesn't it?
▚▝▖ ▜▝▞▝ ▙▞▗▛ ▜▝▛▞ ▟▝▝▝ you could have turned back when you felt it start to go sour. ▛ ▜▚▗▟ ▟▘ you're laying there, and you didn't know today was the day.
▜▛▙ ▟▙▚▞ ▛▛▞▚ ▞▗▜▞ ▞▝▞▚ ▞▗▜▞ ▞
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