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At present, many former sections are not included, as I work towards re-integrating them piece-by-piece into the project's larger structure.
The Glossopedia updated, with terms and definitions split, and details about numerous side characters and locations, among other information.
Gutters updated, with issue #13: The Departure.
Matatown re-uploaded, but not fully re-introduced.
Credits updated.
other changes made, and content added to the site.

The first draft of Space Madness is up! It's pretty rough but the overall beats are there. There are probably a lot of grammatical issues...and lots of placeholders and things that will be changed around.
Glossopedia made easier on the eyes.
On Strangers updated, with one collaborative work, and two miscellaneous essays.
A bunch of entries in Primer have Eraserlist insets at the bottom now.
Class index updated, with links fixed, and newer strains added.
Cast pages updated, with listings of 'strains encountered' for most characters.

Zeroworld integrated into new site framework.
some text proofread and edited, with formatting streamlined for indexes.
cover added, with former concept art added.
entries added for the droni, drone, and drome.
"Denamed gallery" added, though it is not formally integrated into the site.
Gutters integrated into the new site framework and re-added to the site, with all twelve issues now included.
On Strangers section added to the site.
Primer updated.
"dead ends" links added to the covecroni, ganzidroni, haledroni, infidroni, lindroni, lume, matadroli, ondridrome, ondroni, and stividremi's entries.
illustrative inset added to the boguldromi's entry.
Gutters insets added to the drosodroni, madradrone, and simdroni's entries.

main site index and structure substantially adjusted.
significant content changes made to Primer, with numerous insets added to every entry.
significant content changes made to Eraserlist.
all entries now given individual pages and ads.
entries added for the autodrue, auxillilinxi, birobi, cistremni, gauchodrome, heterodroze, luminderixy, multipony, puppelinxy, and socioponzy.
Glossopedia added, with numerous supplemental indexes consolidated.
Sweeter Smoke: The Module integrated into new site framework.
supplemental insets added to index.
The Meom Module added, but not formally integrated into the site.
N1RVANA added to the site.
The Red Module integrated into new site framework.
entries added for the cenderexy, miniridrowni, moumichire, veldorendo, volentrue, and xonjitori.
Cast pages redone, but not formally integrated into the site.
Credits adjusted.