mylover #66
2 ft, 1 in
3 ft, 8 in
Cole's Auto & Transmission Shop
2025/APR/18 29:06
  • brown leather FRYE backpack
    • lime green medicine bottle filled with a mix of prescription, over-the-counter, and narcotic pills
    • folded mint green scarf
    • small chain found on ground
    • tube of lip balm taken from front desk at urgent care clinic
    • paperback copy of Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson
      • holographic plastic bookmark with drawing of green alligator printed on front
    • paperback copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
      • post-it notes containing drawings and lists x4
      • torn paper scrap with assorted blueprints and designs
    • paperback copy of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, cover torn off, and many pages ripped or scribbled over
      • tabs of psycholy-drenched blotter paper x5, wrapped in tinfoil and tucked between pages 419 and 420
    • black notebook with 日記 scrawled on the front using a white-out pen
    • black plastic pencil container
      • colored pencil found on ground x3
      • spring green plastic pencil sharpener, sticker of Virgin Mary on front
      • butterfly knife with pearlescent mint-colored handle
    • rosemary twigs torn off with bare hands x4
    • brown paper 8x11" envelope
      • hand-drawn schematics, text written in original notation language x5
  • hand made duct tape wallet
    • Pennsylvania state driver's license
    • non-winning lottery scratch-off ticket, twenty numbers and letters written on back in small uppercase print
    • folded origami crane, mint and white sakura blossom patterned paper, rip in left wing
  • manic
  • optimistic
  • antisocial
Event Length
  • ventriculus serosa partially hollowed out in several pockets
  • homemade n-wave monitoring ministation device composed of repurposed computer parts dating 1991-2012 embedded in flesh, with antennae of various sizes, snapped from the hoods of cars and radios, protruding through subracorium latum
  • coagulation of material D beneath the subracorium brevis
  • metal staples embedded in cutis tener
  • black wires (some scuffed, others bent) embedded in and drooping from hollowed-out pockets