4 ft, 11 in
7 ft
240 lbs
size variance
core temp.
6-65 years
no. appearing
vision type
language family
physical appearance

The enzouri (/ɛnˈzʊɹi/) is a grey-and-pink stranger with stocky proportions, and a pair of small ear-like extensions. Its body is fleshy without distinction, and saturated with a pink fluid in its innermost sections. This blood is thinner than water, and evaporates within minutes, leaving nothing behind, save for an acrylic-like smell.

The enzouri is durable, and heals from most injuries within the hour. It is vulnerable only to certain types of metal, which cause it to grow a pinkish rash upon the left side of its body, this stain inhibiting regrowth from other injuries in that area.

Its voice is deep, but mewling, and it has no spoken language of its own.

environment and generation

The enzouri appears in the back rooms of offices and stores alike.

"It appears inside grey boxes in rooms where there were things to be stored or things that someone had neglected to have taken away...the flatness of the walls echoed even breathing, which meant that any rustling of cardboard took on the quality of a crowd of hushed workers. This creature was one that started off rather small...little nub-legs, not like an embryo but rather a little clay statue, and it took several years to reach full size. It eventually breaks the boxes...and spilling out onto the cement floor, now huge, rises up with such ungainly steps...taking several days to really get its footing." Chattez, Zacharie. Cat-Falls and Clean Landings, 474
behaviour and effects

The enzouri's behavior is almost completely inert. It moves every so often, keeping its territory limited to only a couple of square yards, with this territory shifting only incidentally and incrementally. It raises its head up and down when idle, and lays down upon its belly, legs tucked under, for ten to fifty hours at a time every few months, at which point it becomes non-responsive.

Though allergic to varying metals, the enzouri does not avoid any substances or stimulus aside from that which causes it direct violent harm.

Though non-destructive in direct physical impact, the enzouri corrupts text files on all cellular phones within 80 feet of its body. The text is either erased altogether, or replaced with short phrases in what must be inferred as the enzouri's own language.

"wWßロエdøサ座ę分wčžキ" formerly, the memoirs of Marmoux Etois
interactions with sensitives

The enzouri's response to sensitives is moderate, at best. When attacked, it curls up in a defensive position, gasping in half-excited tones but displaying no overtly rambunctious response. It is quick to come around to kindness, however, and grows ingratiating even when stroked following such an attack. It is not damaged physically by any specific level of violence, but rather by duration of attack, and dies after 56 minutes of prolonged physical harm.

The enzouri bleeds in response to a sensitive's smile. This blood-flow can emerge anywhere from its flesh, with the eyes being the most common point, to start. Although the enzouri will flee from aggressors under other circumstances, when bleeding, it remains docile and placid to attack. It seemed unharmed by the bleeding itself.

aging and death

As it ages, the blood inside the enzouri's body evaporates from within, leaving it vulnerable to injuries or wear-and-tear upon its now soft, easily-parted flesh. It dies once fully exsanguinated, its body crumbling apart to foam, and then to a grey grit, which grows more powdery when handles, but does not disappear completely.

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