3 ft, 5 in
5 ft
0.5 lbs
size variance
core temp.
1-3 months
no. appearing
vision type
language family
physical appearance

The enmouri (/ɛnˈmʊɹi/) is a tall stranger with thin, rubbery skin. It possesses between two and five eye markings, the size and arrangement of which vary between individuals, with bilateral symmetry being the norm, but not the rule. Its "ears" are flat and of moderate size, and its legs and tail are highly attenuated. The enmouri's internal cavity is filled with a loosely fibrous material, which is soft to the touch, but dissipates following handling. Flammable and lacking any regenerative ability, the enmouri remains vulnerable to any object sharp enough to scratch its skin, which tends to grow ragged at the tips of its extremities.

The enmouri's voice is mechanical and ratchet-like, but not grating to listen to. Its cadence is rhythmic and complex, with each enmouri speaking at a different tempo. Though not overly loud, it tends to be heard well even in a noisy environment.

environment and generation

The enmouri gravitates towards industrial spaces whose purposes have changed prior to their original function, particularly abandoned properties which have taken on new life due to re-appropriation. It does require minimal human presence in order to appear, with squathouses being, by far, the most likely site of an enmouri infestation.

Clusters of enmouri form from small beads of material, which swell to full size within ten to twenty minutes. The occasional unsuccessful swell (which leaves behind only a pile of fluff and a piece of shriveled material) is not infrequent.


The harmless enmouri spends its days lingering in its environment, as though waiting for something to occur. As such, it spends most of its time at rest, with each individual having a certain range of locations in which it enjoys sitting or laying down. Though relaxed in its demeanor, it remains observant, and displays a keen interest in any novel occurrences within its environment. The introduction of a new object, arrival of a small animal, or sudden change in weather are all enough to incite an enmouri's curiosity.

The enmouri is a social stranger, aggregating in colonies of 5-16 individuals, even when not generating in tandem. It displays unique social behaviours towards both others of its kind, as well as other strains of a similar disposition.

"They congregated in a group of twelve, and the tallest of them sat down in the middle of the circle and at first, grew very still, before his head began to lengthen, first by just a few inches, and then longer, longer, until it was high enough that it almost scraped the beams not high above. The one directly in front of it swelled upwards in response, its back first becoming bulbous before twisting into spike-like implements that did not touch the towering head of its companion, but dared to, the open window's wind forcing a sway. And so the rest did follow, a little sculpture garden of them all, and it was quite the sight to see...

A breeze blew a tin can from a windowsill, and they snapped back in an instant and scattered in their separate ways..." Su.Sumu. Mornings, 78
interactions with sensitives

The enmouri is initially shy-to-indifferent to most sensitives, and flees outright from attack. It does come to develop a fondness for sensitives that enter its territory recurrently, and while it avoids sudden movements from newcomers, it becomes more tolerant of these actions from known individuals, even running and playing 'tag' with trusted individuals.

Once a sensitive has gained the enmouri's trust in full, the enmouri engages in its typical swelling social behaviour. Though its inclinations towards eventual boredom remain, its interest can be re-piqued as long as the sensitive engages in novel actions, such as singing, dancing, or manipulating an object in an interesting way. There is no limit to the amount of ways that a sensitive can entertain an enmouri, provided they are imaginative enough.

aging and death

As it ages, the enmouri grows more daring in its behaviour, and begins to display its swelling more frequently, and in more exaggerated displays. It may approach even volatile strangers or sensitives, sitting down and morphing itself into complex shapes, which it snaps out of less readily, leaving itself vulnerable to predation. Other enmouri swell to such large sizes that they eventually split their surface, causing them to burst into a pile of stuffing and skin-scraps. An enmouri's companions, drawn by the novelty of such a display, take some interest in playing in these tatters, but grow bored as quickly as they do with anything else.

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